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Samsung wanted to increase the numbers of consumers who say they ‘love’ the brand, and specifically target Gen Z and female Millennial audiences, especially within mobile.
We were asked to develop an experiential activation to promote the Samsung Galaxy S10 at All Together Now Festival. Samsung had activated at the festival in 2018 and whilst it was successful, they felt that it was like a product showroom and wanted their 2019 activation to have stronger engagement with festival goers.


Why <is_green-txt>we did it <is_green-txt>

We wanted to create an unforgettable experience that festival goers could immerse themselves in. A piece of art that would look visually stunning at the festival and showcase the amazing features of the camera on the Galaxy S10, while also helping Samsung Ireland continue to build their reputation as being a premium brand that leads the way in mobile technology.

We decided to hero the 16MP ultra-wide lens camera of the Galaxy S10, that gives users a wider peripheral vision than that of a human eye.  

We formed our idea: ’See what you can’t with the Samsung Galaxy S10’, a play on their brand slogan, ‘Do what you can’t’.

Case Study Video

Do what you can't

Case Study Video

Do what you can't


What <is_green-txt>we did<is_green-txt>

We created the Samsung MAZE; a world class interactive experience where tech meets art.

The MAZE had three key spaces which highlighted the features of the S10.

The shot suggestion is a piece of camera tech unique to the S10 that uses AI to find the perfect alignment for your photos. We brought this feature to life through an anamorphic art installation which was hand-painted by anamorphic artists. Once people stood in the right spot, the art aligned and came into view to form a perfect circle.

We collaborated with a digital art and experience design studio and together we created a one of a kind innovative technology that allowed us to connect two different spaces within the MAZE, establishing a two-way virtual window between users using Samsung hardware (QLED screens).
People in one experience could see playful abstract representations of people in the other space, providing a fun way for people to engage.


An audio-reactive club space; a reward of sight and sound, <is_pink-txt>lay at the heart<is_pink-txt> of this experience, to be discovered once the MAZE had been explored. Festival goers caught a glimpse of it halfway through the MAZE via a glass panel.

The curved wall of the club space was brought to life through a 12m x 3m wall of curved LED screens that were programmed with a noise reactive capability. The louder and busier the club got, the more it was amplified through the screens.

When leaving the MAZE, visitors were greeted by Samsung Brand Ambassadors who offered to capture the moment on the high quality Galaxy S10. The moment was captured, framed with their branded slogan ‘#dowhatyoucan’t’ and sent to the customers for social sharing.

On the parameter of the structure, mirrored armchairs and Samsung enabled wireless charging tables were laid out.


The Samsung MAZE became a destination for festival goers. Queues outside added to the excitement of what lay behind the mirrored walls.

409 shares of the photos opp images on social media and 62% of the views during or after the weekend were from Dublin, which is a key geographical location for Samsung.

Festival organisers POD, credited the Samsung MAZE as being a leading sponsorship activation at the All Together Now Festival 2019.


of the views during or after the weekend


of the photos opp images on social media

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